one for the whisky drinkers

I have just finished this rather fine quaich for a special order from a customer in Sweden. It may look just like the normal quaich on my website untill you see it alongside the one I use myself. It is a big brother quaich. Although I have been making quaiches for a couple of years […]

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a finished bench

This morning I had to stay home with a sick son but Geoff braved the foul morning weather, high wind and driving rain to cut the last coping stones and finish off our bench. I went along in the afternoon to take some pictures just as he finished off. We are both really pleased with […]

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more bench pictures

The bench is taking a little longer than anticipated as we expected to be working with second hand walling stone and with the new quarried stone we are having to cut all the coping stones which takes time. It is coming one very nicely though. Geoff tells me the oft repeated story that whenever a […]

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dry stone wall and oak bench

Today I have been working in a wonderful location again. This is the National Trust Longshaw Estate about 10 miles from home. I lived here 13 years ago but today I was back to fit a special bench. It is the first time I have worked with a dry stone waller mixing walling and green […]

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Edale this morning

Its very easy not to take advantage of what is outside your door, so many folk in London rarely go to museums, galleries and theatre and to be honest I don’t often walk in the hills around our home, I never cease to appreciate and draw inspiration from the scenery around me but I guess […]

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