lost crafts

Lost Crafts by Una McGovern has been a surprisingly good read. The book covers around 100 crafts with about 3 pages each. I expected it to be superficial and poorly written, the sort of thing you get in the local paper. In fact each craft gets a very accurate and concise summary with interesting anecdotes. […]

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wonderful snowy scenery

I live where I do because I have a deep connection with the natural landscape and being in beautiful places is very important to me. I never take the scenery for granted and in fact when you live in a hilly place everyday the light changes the view and highlights things you have never noticed […]

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more spoon racks

So I have been talking with Mathew about spoon racks and thought I would put a few pictures of different types up here. These date from the days when everyone had their own personal wooden spoon which they washed and popped back in the rack. First a joined one, these are quite common in the […]

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beautiful wooden spoons

I was just contacted by a chap in the US who does some spooncarving and chairmaking. He was taken with some pictures of a spoon rack on our website and wanted better pictures to show how it was made. So I thought I would put them here and a link to his site too. His […]

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French Traditional Crafts

France has a wonderful system for supporting traditional crafts. “These craftsmen, second to none, whose talents are often anonymousand unsung, deserve to be better known, declared the Minister ofCulture and Communication,… For although the heritage is recognisedprimarily in the form of historic monuments, she explained, …ourcountry also has a great many highly skilled craftsmen and […]

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