I am passionate about traditional woodwork, about the value of working with our hands, and sharing the joy of these things with others.

I make traditional wooden bowls on a foot powered lathe. I carve wooden spoons and I make tools to help others learn to carve.

I studied medieval bowls and viking bowls, made bowls for the Tower of London and for Ridley Scott but most important I test drive them every day in my own kitchen. These are designs that work and they are made like things used to be made so that they last  and age beautifully. I make them for people who love good food and want to serve it on wholesome tableware.

Recently I have been spending more time on toolmaking (buy my tools here) which has meant the few bowls I have made have sold out very quickly. I will be making more bowls but for a while I can not make enough to satisfy demand, that’s my way of appologising for them all being sold out.