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Galician spoon

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These are based on some galician spoons inspired by a dedign I saw in an ethnographic museum during a trip to Spain. This is the design of spoon I use every day for breakfast and they are equally good for soup or desert, a classic design and a delight to use, they get nicer the longer you use them. These are made from birch.

2 reviews for Galician spoon

  1. John Saunders

    When I opened the package containing the Galician spoon, at first I admit that was disappointed because it seemed very light and quite small. But then I examined it more closely and realised what a treasure it is. The way it has been cut for strength but lightness makes it a thing of great beauty as all its curves meld into each other. I used it first for eating my cereals & yoghhurt from one of Robin’s Mary Rose bowls and I thus found that even at the age of sixty something I can discover a new pleasure in life. The spoon is a joy to use and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  2. Bushra

    Well packaged. Absolutely brilliant spoon and transaction. Extremely pleased with it. Thank you very much indeed

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