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Nest of bowls IX blue sycamore

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These nests of bowls are very special. It took me five years to learn how to make them and I have to forge all my own curved hook tools to cut one bowl inside the other, most of the time I am working blind by feel. They are collectors pieces but also designed for use, they will get nicer with regular use. I don’t make many of these and starting with the launch of my new website I number and record each set. No IX is a lovely deep set of nested bowls in sycamore. 15.5″ by 6″. The blue paint I make myself with egg, cold pressed linseed oil and pigment I bought in Sweden. Natural paint like this ages beautifully. Over the years the soft paint rubs through on the highlights. I use a bowl painted with this blue for my breakfast every day but this is the first nest of bowls I have painted, I am really pleased with them. I would love to see these bowls in 10 years time.

1 review for Nest of bowls IX blue sycamore

  1. Jen

    These are so beautiful, I can only dream of such items! The blue colour is exactly the color my fiance loves and paints with.

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