Well here is my new blog and website. Hopefully regular blog readers will have found your links brought you straight through to the new site.  It has been live for a couple of weeks whilst we ironed out glitches before saying goodbye to the old blogger site. It has been a crazy few weeks completing the content and going live with the new site whilst preparing to run our big annual spooncarving festival SPOONFEST and then visiting the national handcraft school for an international gathering of skilled carvers and  visiting the Wetterlings axe forge and three weeks working on our bronze age boat. So lots of photos to process and lots of blog posts to come over the next couple of weeks.

So it’s goodbye to this











And now please do have a look round my new home in cyber space. I have been asked for a sign up to get blog posts via email and this will be coming soon. All the old blog content has been imported here and I am hoping it will be easier to link from one blog post to other similar ones of interest using the thumbnail links to related posts, a search function is coming soon. It’s great to have all the content from my old website, the old blog and the gallery pages which ran on a separate blogger site all pulled together in one place. I am incredibly grateful to my friend Tom Broughton who did all the styling and branding work on the front end and all the techy stuff behind the scenes that made it all work smoothly.

In Sweden I gave a talk on the benefits of the internet for craftspeople and I was very pleased to be able to show a clean simple modern looking site and report that it has already resulted in an increase in sales. Now off to process all those Swedish photos for some more blog posts.

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