Its been a whils since I’ve updated the blog and I have exciting news for spooncarvers. The Harewood Biennial is one of the most important craft shows in the UK. This year the focus is “Radical Acts” and in an increasingly digitised, comercialised world the simple act of carving a wooden spoon becomes one of the more radical things we can do. If you carve spoons you could send a spoon to be part of the show.

Carving a wooden spoon may seem a very simple thing but it requires intense focus and control of the maker’s hands, body and mind. Many people express how much focusing on this apparently simple physical act helps them in many ways from mental health to reconnecting with nature. Perhaps like yoga but with a more tangible outcome.

The idea is to show how craft knowledge can be passed on, learned, shared almost virally and the benefits that come from sharing those skills. Often times like ripples from a stone thrown in a pond we don’t see the influence of what we do but it’s still important to do what we believe in and share it anyway.

We’re not just interested in the most adept carvers for this show we want to show people at all stages in their carving journey and hear what it means to them.

To take part you need to register an interest now then send a spoon in by the end of the month, find out all the details click this link

The last Biennial generated huge interest and press coverage, this one could potwntially introduce spooncarbing to a much wider audience.