wisdom of hands, great film about woodwork

Professor Trevor Marchand is fast becoming a hero of mine. Why? because he understands what he calls “the remarkable skilled knowledge of craftspeople” Now I posted a film of this guy a few days ago but this one is better, it gets better the further you get into it and the questions from 30 mins onwards are great too.

Lots of folk understand handwork and there are a few academics who study it and write about it but I think Trevor is perhaps unique in his depth of understanding of both worlds. This is great as it stretches my thoughts about what I do in the workshop and it also gives those of us who work with our hands more credibility. I know that there are not many dim craftspeople but the level of intelligence that is required to be really good is not often understood from the outside.

Incidentally the title of the blog post is a tribute to Doug Stowe who blogs prolifically on the value of handwork  and I am sure will love the film.

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