This is Yvonne with a cherry kuksa she carved on my “fun carving course” last week.

Close up of the kuksa, these are based on traditional Sami drinking cups. Yvonne is a beekeeper who’s business is selling the alternative products of the hive. I am a fan of a drop of propolis (bee glue) on a cut to speed healing, it is remarkable stuff.

The idea of the course was for people who were already experienced carvers or had been on previous courses could come back and enjoy carving in good company, try out some new tools or materials and work on individual projects with me there to give advice or help when needed. Actually everyone wanted to try out shrink pot making so we all started on that. They are a lovely simple project. This photo shows the work of just 4 folk over the three day course.

I do feel really privileged to be able to make a living whilst sharing such special times with wonderful people.

Author Robin Wood

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