As craftspeople we put our heart and soul into our work. Most of us make work that only a minority of folk truly understand and appreciate. The most heartwarming thing of all is when we see people enjoying using what we have made in their daily lives, sitting on a chair, drinking from a favourite mug, wearing a scarf we knitted or whatever.

Mostly my work fits into fairly humble normal daily lives and I like that, when someone meets me and tells me they have eaten their breakfast from one of my bowls for 10 years and that they get pleasure from it every day it inspires me to carry on with my work. This is a favourite photo sent to me a while a go of one of my porringers in use.

Today I was sent these photos which made me deeply happy at an even more meaningful level.  They are from the wedding in Scotland of Bryan & Fiona Campbell who chose to use one of my quaichs to toast their marriage.


Bryan said “It was such a lovely part of our wedding ceremony, and we can’t thank you enough for creating such a beautiful, meaningful object.”

And I can’t thank Bryan and Fiona enough for giving me the chance to live by making these things and to share the joy of seeing them being used.

Author Robin Wood

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