How time flies, it has been over 5 years since I started this blog and over 3 since my last minor website update. Big changes are coming next week, I hope regular blog readers will find your links just redirect through seamlessly to the all new integrated website and blog.


The new site will be simple, clean, uncluttered and hopefully reflect the feel and ethos of my work, I am quite excited about it. I have been working with a friend Tom who in his day job is senior site architect on the BBC website. One of the things I was most pleased about was choosing the colour palette for the new site. I want to reflect as much as I can the reality of my work through a digital medium, we started with some pictures of the landscape with the colours I love around the workshop.



Tom was able to pick colours out from these photos and we are using them for the text on the new site. 


We have gone through in similar detail choosing fonts, design and layout, a new shopping system that is there and easy to use but unobtrusive, I am really pleased with it and can’t wait for it to go live.