Some exciting new bowls including replica Neolithic woodwork for Stone Henge Visitor Centre.

Been too busy making and getting ready for SPOONFEST to update the blog but here are a few pics of new work.

Three quaichs just finished, silver rims and sycamore bowls, perfect for the discerning whisky drinker.IMG_0105The first one went off in the post today.IMG_0109

Next a porringer, one of my most popular bowls. I use these for breakfast every day and soup, when I am making soup in the winter. IMG_0098

I have been working on a fun commission which is all carving no turning. The black is because the finish is achieved by burning and scraping, they are replicas of Neolithic and bronze age bowls for the new Stone Henge Visitor centre.IMG_0091

I love this one, a copy of one found during excavations at Heathrow airport. I made one a few years ago which is in a glass case in terminal 4. Too nice not to use though I might have to make myself one.IMG_0097


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