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Mary Rose bowls

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Every sailor on the Mary Rose had his personal bowl and I have had the opportunity to study and photograph the originals during my research. Whether you particularly want a Tudor wooden bowl replica or just a characterful bowl for your breakfast, soup or stew, these beech bowls should stand years of hard use.  Smaller ones make a large soup or breakfast bowl larger ones are great for meals of pasta or stew. Each one is branded deeply with a replica of the “H” brand that was on the originals marking them as Henry VIIIs property. Also available without H brand if you prefer.


7", 7.5" – 8", 9"

3 reviews for Mary Rose bowls

  1. John Saunders

    I bought the 7″ bowl. It’s a double pleasure. Firstly, using it for my breakfast cereal with a Galician spoon turned a mundame meal into a pleasure that I enjoyed in a more leisurely way. Secondly as someone who likes reading the novels based in the time of the Tudors it makes a connection with the period. A lovely tactile bowl and I fully recommend it.

  2. Gill H

    I was given my bowl as a present at Christmas. It is so beautiful and so tactile. It is a pleasure just to hold it. You can see and feel the marks from the tools that have made it. The bowl is the most wonderful combination of beauty and practicality – pure joy to use.

  3. Bob Kent

    I ordered two 8″ Mary Rose Bowls and they really are a sight to behold. The pattern in the grain is just superb. I use the bowls daily for breakfast and other mealtimes, they are also good for soups, curry’s and many other dishes. And when they are not ,I use my Mary Rose plates.
    Great craftsmanship here.
    I cannot recommend enough.

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