Well not green wood tools but I visited this place on Thursday along with knifemaker Grace Horne and it was great.

Eric Grinding

Ian glasing, that is using a hard felt buffing wheel with abrasive

Cliff working his magic on a nearly finished pair

Notice the slope on the hammer head so it comes down flat on the stiddy with his wrist at a comfortable angle.

Nice old hammers with handles worn thin with use. How many years do they take to wear out like that? “Oh they are not old I have worn through loads over the years”

To be fair I don’t think either Grace or I had much interest in scissors before yesterday but these guys enthusiasm was infectious, looking through old catalogs at the weird and wonderful stuff they used to make doesn’t sound that interesting but really it was fascinating.

Packing area, have you noticed yet that they are all grinning all the time.

and a few samples

Author Robin Wood

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