I wrote about Michael’s work last year so today about a year on I visited again and took some more photos of him at work making lovely pocket knives at his workshop at Portland Works. He now has a great website up where you can go and buy his knives. Check them out here

This is his cutlers stool. As a turner I absolutely adore these things. They were made in huge numbers and really quickly. What looks like ribs around the legs is in fact one continuous spiral as the turner banged the leg out in just a few seconds. 

Michael has a bunch of lovely old hammers. This is his favourite, a tiny hammer without which he could not peen the rivets over on the mother of pearl and turquoise scales that he loves using.

Part made batch of knives

Now this gorgeous little tool looks like a tiny anvil. It’s about 4″ long and is what is known in Sheffield as a cutlers “stidy” the word comes from Old Norse for anvil 

Folk that have an interest in Sheffield cutlery history may be interested to know that this particular stidy used to belong to Trevor Ablett you can see it behind his left elbow in this picture.

Here’s a close up of a recently finished knife.

and a few images of Michael at work