One of the beauties of being self employed is being free to catch rare opportunities when they present themselves. Today school was closed so all the village kids were at home. They spent the morning sledging then they all came to ours for lunch and a film. Afterwards a bunch of us dads got together and went up the hill to build snow caves in the drifts Ollie came too.

Mike and Ollie starting tunneling in. My workshop is just above Ollie’s hat in the distance at the end of the valley.

Ollie is almost hidden inside his cave here.

This is Mark having far too much fun for a grown up.

And tucked away inside, it is amazing just how warm and quiet it is inside a snow cave.

We made one cave with a long tunnel running along the face of the drift then made another hole at the end where you could squeeze out.

By the time we had finished we were all tired and happy and headed home for tea. Last time we made snow caves at this spot they lasted over a week.

Author Robin Wood

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