I just checked the blog and see the counter has popped over 50,000 views, quite amazing since I only added it 6 month or so ago. Anyway I thought it was time to reward my regular readers with a little giveaway.

Today I have been turning nice sycamore porringers, the shape of this one but they will finish the same colour as the sycamore mazers I made a few days ago. If you would like to eat your breakfast from one of my porringers for free simply click the comments button at the bottom of this post and say yes please. When the porringers are ready in about 3 weeks I will put the names in a hat and pick one out and post off a free porringer, simple as that.

One more day turning in the workshop tomorrow then Wednesday I am off to London again to represent the Heritage Crafts Association at the House of Lords at the launch of the craft blueprint. This document has been produced by CCSkills and sets out the way forward in the crafts. These trips cost ยฃ70 a time as well as a day off work, if I have any philanthropic readers that would like to sponsor my HCA work do let me know. I am very happy to give my time and we really feel to be making good progress but the costs do add up on a craftsmans wage.

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