Just clearing photos off my camera, it was interesting to see how dry and brown everything was down south, I think it is only when you travel abroad and come home that you realise how amazingly green Britain generally is. Driving home coming back into Edale we met sheep in the road which made us feel like we were back home.

Then it was a quick turnaround and off to Norfolk Show.

 The woodland crafts area there is in a beautiful setting. It is a long way to drive for 2 days and I don’t sell much but I meet up with some of the best green wood workers in the country and we have a very enjoyable time. Simon Lamb a local spooncarver and HCA supporter came and helped me set the stand up and talked to folk about HCA whilst I was turning. We were set up next door to Robin Fawcett

One of the great entertainers of the green wood world is “Wocko the woodman” a lovely chap and very capable woodworker. Recently he has been learning cooperage and was showing folk how casks were made.

We did a live interview for BBC radio Norfolk on the work of the Heritage Crafts Association. I remember years ago finding live radio or TV stressful but like most things it gets easier with time.

A new addition to this years show was a wheelwright, Nick Lyons, here he is chatting to ancient woodwork specialist Richard Darrah.

 And his nice hand cart. Like many wheelwrights working today he learned his trade on the NETS course at Hereford which, after over 30 years, closes in July.

The woodland crafts area has been run for 20 years by my friend Eric Rogers and since he is near his 80th birthday he has decided this would be his last year. We organised a whip round and bought him a selection of wonderful craft items including one of Owen Jones swill baskets.

With Simon to help I was off site by 7.30 and home by 11pm though with a 8am start it was a long day. Yesterday I set out all the bowls I turned at Glastonbury and Norfolk to dry in the workshop, they need to have air flow around them to stop them going mouldy and will dry naturally in about 6 weeks. These are porringers.

And a mix of Mary Rose and Irish style bowls.

 I love to see work piled up like this, an art critic once wrote of a collection of my work in an exhibition in the USA that they were “as alike and heartwarming as slices of crusty bread.”

Author Robin Wood

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