Years ago I loved to experiment with wild food and worked my way through Richard Mabey’s “food for free

After a couple of years experimenting with stewed nettles and the likes I came down to half a dozen wild foods which I still enjoy when in season but the rest are the sort of thing which in the words of Crocodile Dundee “you can live on it, but it taste like sh*t.”

Elderflower fritters are one of those wonderful seasonal treats and incredibly easy to make. Simply crack and egg into a bowl add a good sploosh of milk then keep adding flour and whisking until it is a good coating creamy consistency. Dip your elderflower in and slop it straight into the fry pan.

 As it begins to set trim off the stalks with scissors and flip it over.

 Give it a minute on the other side to get a lovely golden brown drain for a second then flip it into a bowl of sugar. Eat whilst warm. This is serious indulgence, warm oily, sugary batter is reminiscent of fresh cooked donuts but with the fragrant flowery taste of the elderflowers. Yum yum.

Author Robin Wood

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