This is Little Langdale in the lake district.

 Last weekend I spent a bit of time there with my dad, uncle and cousin.

 I simply love the weather we are having, crisp cold, deep frost but still air and dry. A light snowfall to make the landscape pretty.

 This is slaters bridge a very simple foot bridge which I suspect the slaters walked over to get from their cottages to the quarry. It is simply gorgeous.

 The work of the slaters is everywhere. Huge spoil heaps cover the landscape slowly being colonised by birch scrub.

 A burry old oak.

 Up on the fells.

 Many of the older gateways used this unusual hinge mechanism. It was nice to see what was clearly part of the local vernacular continuing in use. The hinges were generally old hand forged jobs set on new tanalised softwood gates. The hinges have a round bar going up and down set into holes in the slate.

We don’t as a family make much time for this sort of chilled out man time together and we all found it very rewarding, I would recommend it.

And for readers abroad who are wondering what “last of the summer wine” is about, it refers to a very long running TV show in which 3 old chaps just amble about not doing much but somehow it was very endearing. It was filmed at Holmfirth just over the hill. Here is a typical clip.  You might recognise Peter Sallis as the voice of Wallace (as in Wallace and Gromit)

Author Robin Wood

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