Over the last week or two I have been snapping meals before eating. All done under artificial light quick snaps but hopefully give an idea of what it’s like living with wooden tableware. One big difference is the sound, no harsh scratching of metal on porcelain and a lovely woody noise as you set the table. Wood does also keep your food warm being a natural insulator.

Most folk are happy using a nice salad bowl, this bowl is by Richard Raffan, one of the worlds top turners (he eats his breakfast from one of my bowls) the servers are by Fritiof Runhall. Carrot and apple salad, 3 carrot’s 2 apples grates together with a splash of lemon juice, great winter salad.

 Feta and tomato salad with coriander leaves. Scortched elm bowl by me and Fritiof’s spoon.

 Tzatziki, have not made this for ages and it was a joyful rediscovery, grated cucumber with lots of garlic and some yogurt, takes me straight to Greece.

 Grilled aubergine with salads and merlot. Mary Rose replica plate and Sheffield cutlery.

 This huge wild horse mushroom was in perfect condition, cut up with some onion chill, garlic and shredded cabbage then into the wok.  Sycamore chopping boards and a knife I forged with Owen Bush.

And this was tonight, ginger, garlic, chill. I keep ginger and chilis in the freezer and shave the root with a good knife, far better than having it drying out or going mouldy in the fridge.

 Quick blast in the wok with carrot and onion before adding spinach scallops and haddock.

 yum yum….. Tastes so much better from a wooden dish too.

More details on using woodware including results of a scientific paper comparing wood and plastic chopping boards here.

Author Robin Wood

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