The past 2 weeks I have been turning in the workshop and loving it. This little bunch are in maple, sycamore, ash and hawthorn.

 The smaller ones are my normal size 3.5″ at the rim, these are perfect for a dram on your own or at their best passing round a group of friends perhaps round the fire, wonderful.

 I particularly like this little hawthorn one, an undervalued wood, it has great colour and texture and is as hard as apple or any of the fruitwoods.

 The one on the laft is a 5.5″ rim and holds over 1/3 of a bottle of whisky, these have proved fairly popular for wedding gifts. Folk tell me they fill them and pass them round the whole reception which is a lovely bonding sort of thing to do. I tend to pass one round at New Years Eve. Now the one at the back is a huge quaich with a 7″ diameter rim which is also extra deep, I would like to do one of these with an engraved message around the rim one day.

For folk that are new to quaichs you can read about the history of them here or see some in my online shop here 
Most of these will be on show in London in a couple of weeks when I am part of the Worshipful Company of Turners “Wizardry in Wood” exhibition at Carpenters Hall.

Author Robin Wood

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