Sorry these are all sold now. I am keeping an email list of folk that want them, no commitment and no guarantee when they will be here but I’ll send you an email as soon as the next ones are in stock.

I have been forging my own hook tools and spoon knives for 20 years but never made them for sale. I have struggled to find any easily available hook knives that I could recommend despite buying one of pretty well every one made for people to try out on my spoon carving courses. I have been trying for about 3 years to get good hooks made for me and now I have some that I am delighted with, they only come through in small numbers though and I know lots of folk out there are waiting. This post is to show you what they look like and le you know I have 25 right handed and 5 lefts in stock. They are razor sharp and a design that works really very well. You can carve a spoon with just the one knife, I only use a lefty for deep ladles and kuksas.

You can buy them hook only for £20 or I fit a long ash handle and ready to go they are £35.
UK P&P is £5 per order rest of world £10. Paypal or cheque, email first to check they have not all gone. I am afraid I can’t promise when I’ll have the next batch.

In the UK these are for sale to over 18s only so if I don’t know you you need to include something in the email that shows me you are over 18 eg a link to your blog or website which links with your email address or a photo of your driving license or passport which again would need to have same name as email or delivery name and address.

Author Robin Wood

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