Regular visitors will know that the bowls in my gallery pages are often showing as sold, I don’t get round to updating as often as I should and often bowls find homes quite quickly once I do photograph them. Today I put all these new bowls up on my gallery page

For folk in London you can also see my work in the flesh at The New Craftsmen in Mayfair I did them some flame blackened plates which I particularly like.

 fiddleback sycamore bowl amazing wavy grain 7″ £75

 flame blackened sycamore 7.5″ and £55

  flame blackened sycamore 7.5″ and £55

 sweet little beech bowl 6.5″ £45

 traditional chamfered rim dairy style bowl sycamore 8″ £59

 white with striking brown marks sycamore 7″ £49

  turned and carved kuksa drinking cup £75

 jazzy spalted beech bowl 6.5 £49

 beech bowl very traditional form, quite chunky, this one will be here in 150 years time 9″ £69 sold

alder dish, I don’t often make dishes and don’t often work alder but this came out nice  8.5″ £55

 beech dish 8.5″ £55 design based on beech dishes from the Mary Rose

 laburnum mazer bowl £80

4 small beech dishes 7-7.5″ £39 each or 4 for £140

 These small bowls are perfect for serving olives, made from spalted beech and sycamore, 4-5″ diameter they are £15 each, 4 for £50

 In Sweden they paint a lot of bowls. I love it. This one is painted with home made linseed based paint with natural pigment I bought in Sweden 7″ £55

 set of small bowls, five in this photo but there are six as seen below.

small bowls 6.5″ £35 each though I would love them to go as a set so if you want them all they would be £180

Author Robin Wood

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