We took our Bronze age boat to Faversham to use the slipway at Alan Stayley’s boatyard. Boatyards are very photogenic places so here are a bunch of random pics. I love the mug above, if you are a boatbuilder, when you handle breaks off your much you stick back together with boat epoxy.

IMG_7558 IMG_7551 IMG_7540 IMG_7545 IMG_7550We covered our boat in hessian and soaked it overnight to allow it to “take up” that is to allow the wood to swell, a bit like a wooden barrel boats don’t like being dry, they only really get watertight when they are wet. Here out project leader Richard Darrah is sealing the last of the stitch holes with bees wax.


now we were ready to launch, it was very exciting.


Loaded onto the slipway cradle and waiting for the tide to come in a little more.
IMG_7608gently into the water

IMG_7609and finally afloat


Now this is where it suddenly became huge fun. We had a few hours to paddle up and down Faversham creek and get a feel for how she handled. She was an absolute dream, just like paddling a big canadian canoe. Having plenty of rocker she was very manoeuvrable yet was also very stable.

IMG_7622 IMG_7623 IMG_7625 IMG_7628 IMG_7632 IMG_7636

And then we took her out of the water and headed for Dover for the official launch. Here was are paddling out in the harbour.

1174782_10153261098060438_474094406_nYou can see a rather nice film from the launch day here, the Time Team documentary will air sometime in 2014.


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