At Taljfest all the top woodworkers from Scandinavia were gathered and for me there was one that stood out. The woodwork of Anja Sundberg is a complete breath of fresh air. Have a look at the pics and you’ll see great simple ideas but all executed with an eye for detail which just brings everything to life. How could any doting grandparent not buy this stool? It would be easy to copy but it’s not just the idea that makes it great it is the execution, the subtle variation in the paint, the life in the carving.


Bowl of eggs anyone?






This is the coolest tool rack. Anja teaches children carving and she wants it to be fun. Again it’s the way she works with two colours blending them together that makes it really special.


More fish, these ones are created with bits cut from bean tins so the crinkly fins are ready made.

You can see the bean tins more clearly here in these part made perch, check the eye and mouth out to. They are just brilliant.


Duck bowls part made.

and another combination of wood with recycled cans.


a simply wonderful knife stand.

IMG_5639and here is Anja carving spoons with me and Jojo. I very much hope that Anja will come to the UK next year and teach at SPOONFEST




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