Sheffield has always been famous for high quality knives, now there is a new name to look out for and his work is very exciting. Regular blog readers will have been familiar with the work of Trevor Ablett and his death was a sad loss but I have great news. IMG_3126-2

Michael May is a young knife maker who has served his apprenticeship since 2007 at Taylor’s Eye Witness one of the few remaining larger cutlery firms. When Trevor’s workshop tools were being sold off Michael saw an opportunity to safeguard an important part of Sheffield’s cutlery heritage. He bought the tools that he would need to set up on his own and moved them in to a gorgeous small workshop in the iconic Portland Works. 

It is early days and there is a lot of work to do but I visited today and the quality of his knives is fantastic, the fit and finish and all important action are to be honest far nicer than Trevor’s simple working knives. It will be a while before there will be knives for sale, a website to make, for the time being you can follow him on facebook here  and instagram here 

Watch out for the name Michael May knives, buy the first chance you get because he will soon have a long waiting list.




IMG_3119-3For those that missed out it’s too late to buy one of Trevor Ablett’s knives but you can still buy one made at his bench and using his tools.

Author Robin Wood

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